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14th May 2004


saturday may 22nd

nuclear family (from gainesville...kids from degrade + reactionary 3. new split on friends and relatives records with impractical cockpit)
what's yr damage? (they make scary faces)
meow rawr (orlando)
plus one more tba

at citrus mountain
3145 north alafaya trail, orlando, fl 32826 (mapquest it!)

all ages * 8pm * $3

theset-up.com for info

19th March 2004

thesetup2:31pm: wednesday march 24th

$5 * 6pm

@ Ballard & Corum
535 New England Ave.
Winter Park, Fl. 32789

it's around the corner from rollin's college and park ave cd' on the second floor above the bakery/across from dexters.

fuckingflorida@theset-up.com for more info.


cross posted alot

28th January 2004

thesetup4:53pm: dove, holy mountain, a game of you + moosejaw in orlando
flierCollapse )

friday january 30th * $5 * 7pm
dove (ex-assuck/syrup/cavity/floor/etc)
the holy mountain (ex-combatwoundedveteran/the blackout terror on no idea)
a game of you

@ o-zone cd's in altamonte springs
1002 w. 436, altamonte springs 32701

no idea records (there's a holy mountain mp3 half way down the right side)
a game of you

9th August 2003

ex_makeacha9:25am: I found the journal by accident, and although I was never a part of ANY "crew" I was closesly working with the ideals what the members were said to have...so at any rate...I wrote this two years ago, and it seems like the kids that read it have gone, and the kids who it applies to are the only ones that are still here. Let's see if it can seep in this time, because I am still disillusioned with any possible "scenes" idiocy and I still care. Although I've been far gone (and probably so are the rest of the members) from the scene, its still an important lesson and well, brandon will probably think this is funny. and he rules. so whatever. ha

Reading is Punk!
The punk rock, hardcore, emo, etc., community is a place for everyone.
Its a place for open minds, new ideas, and good times. Its a good way for
kids to have as great time regardless of any differences inner or outer and
also to meet new people and share ideas with those people to make the world a
better place. Contrary to popular belief the PUNK ROCK COMMUNITY IS
POLITICAL. More so, people need to start taking a stand for their beliefs
and let people know how they feel about them. This world wont be a better
place if we don't start calling people on their shit. Although Punk Rock
should be all inclusive, some people do not have a place here and below we
will have some fun with some possibilities for role playing games.

All you need is yourself and a friend. Lets call you Jello and your partner
Sid. This will be fun and PUNK, not only that, but it will be liberating for
you and all parties involved. So follow along and have fun with these

After that you can apply them to your real life and see how fast you will:
a) lose your friends
b) Get a reputation for being *gasp* ?Too PC!?
c) Feel like a great person
and most important MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Lets move on to the activities. Remember, you will be taking the place of
the name ?Jello? and your partner is ?Sid.? Have fun and remember...one
scene unity, DIY, and remember its more than music, its a state of mind.

Exercises 1-5

Jello: Hey Fag, I heard there are some emo homos hanging around here, want to
heckle them?
Sid: I don't appreciate your use of the word ?Fag? and ?homo,? not only do I
think it indulges in homophobia, but I am not interested in heckling anyone
either. That won't boost your self esteem, but maybe being a better person
will. The use of the word ?fag? might make some people feel threatened and
the Punk Rock community is a place for everyone to feel safe and be able to
share ideas. I am queer and I feel threatened. PUNK DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR

Jello: Damn today is my 21st birthday...see that girl over there? I think I
am going to smooth talk her and see if I can get some sex out of her, look at
those nice tits, that look good for her being just 16.
Sid: You are shady and twisted on many levels, Jello. She is completely too
young for you so that borderlines rape not only that I have lost respect for
you on many other levels, especially your disregard for human life and
feelings. Women are not objects for you to degrade, defile, demean or
disregard and play with. I will not tolerate you and I will do all I can to
make sure you cannot hurt anyone else. PUNK DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR YOUR

Jello: Those dudes have been looking at me funny all night, I think I am
gonna Kickbox into them in the pit and then if they have a problem I will use
my array of weapons like: Smiley, Knife, Brass Knuckles, Bat, Tazer, Mace,
etc. And my ?crew? will fight them too.
Sid: Punk is a place for everyone to have fun together, this isn't fight
club for you or your ?crew? (gang) and some people really don't appreciate
the fact that you come here with weapons to fight. That isn't tough, that's
the move of a coward. Those weapons aren't welcome here and if you want to
fight, you aren't welcome here either. PUNK DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR YOUR CRAPPY

Jello: Dude! Listen to this racist Joke I made up!!!

Jello: Man, you are really starting to piss me off. All you do is pick on me
and make me feel like crap for being me. Why are you so damn politically
correct. Change your name to ?General?! I hate you man, punk isn't a place
for preachers like you.
Sid: I am not telling you what to do, decency should tell you that, but I can
tell you what I wont tolerate and your sexist, racist, homophobic, asshole
ways around me. Punk is a place for everyone and your attitude makes it a
far from safe atmosphere. You are welcome to share your ideas as well, but
as soon as you are imposing on someone else, I feel that I can impose on you
my ideas. Don't like it...LEAVE! Besides...PUNK DOESN'T HAVE ROOM FOR YOUR

Now that you have gone through exercises 1-5, feel free to recite them over
and over again. There is room for improvement and many other ideas can be
fit into the context of these conversations.
Below there is room for you to create your own possible conversations with a





Thank you for your time and participation in this activity. Hopefully you
will stand for your beliefs and change the world.
PS. I don't care how good you are at guitar or how cute you are or how
expensive whatever you have is.
Yeah I'm gonna call you on your shit, deal with it.


12th March 2003

jokerfilm11:24pm: If America is so pissed off at the French and changing the name of "French" Fries and Toast and putting away gifts received from the French- does that mean they are going to take down the Statue of Liberty or just throw a big sheet over it to hide it and close the island down to tourists? The politics in this country are so damn screwed up, they just need to take everyone out of whatever political position they hold and start all over and only allow people under 60 to vote, this way we aren't stuck with old political beliefs that will take for ever to fade.

As far as Iraq goes, we really do not need ANY help in dealing with them. We should just go over there, drop a shit load of bombs, and evolve into a policy of only dealing with direct domestic issues. In other words, if a ruler of another country is killing its people, then that country needs to deal with it WITHOUT our support. Because if things are so bad over there than people need to learn to rebel. I am sure that if things were just as bad here, the American people would definently do something about it.

16th February 2003

jokerfilm1:00pm: Hey all-
Was at a show in Tally on Valentines Day and while in the pit I got sucker punched by so many dickheads that should never have been in the pit in the first place. People who were standing around the pit kept bitching everytime they got bumped into(if you are going to be in the pit, you need to mosh or get the fuck out). You could definently pick out the people with the true spirit because when people did fall it was a group effort to pick them up as fast as possible and continue moshin'.
Other than that Riddlin Kids kicked ass, as well as All American Rejects, Home Grown, and Wakefield.

10th February 2003

chai_for_one7:16pm: so we went to see coheed n cambria last friday, what a disaster. 2 core kids got into it(as usual).

this is happening at every show lately.

hahaha, ppl should learn how to 'dance' right. then maybe theyyre would be less fighting.

26th January 2003

richbully2:36pm: orlando, fl house show
there's an awesome house show in orlando tomorrow, jan 27th.

the blue hour (electric human project)
the pine (alone records)
saving twilight (ex-kite flying society)

get info at theset-up.com

13th December 2002

chai_for_one2:16pm: here and gone.
i applaud whoever started this thing, but where has everyone gone.
as the scene gets larger, you all should be more ancy to update with inspiration.


28th July 2002

Equalizing Hardcore Will Only Make It Better

Lately in these past coupl eof years, more girls have been comming to hardcore shows and have engaged in the "Hardcore scene". I, myself is one of those girls. hardcore can be fun, energetic, resourceful, educational, and ispiring. someitmes there are a few of those "tuff guy crews" that start trouble, yet eventually they are over powered.
one of my major concerns in hardcore today is a problem that this whole world is fighting. it's a problem that ou would think ALL of hardcore would be against. this problem is sexism.
i was at a local fest in milwaukee last night. it was one of those smaller rooms with no more than 400 people there. the girl/boy ratio was around 1 girl to every 7 boys. during most the sets that played that night, people dance in the pit. this wasn't the largest circle, about five poeple could dance without hitting another person. so, as one of those girls who dance at some shows, i was thinking of maybe dancing at this one.

Dear boys:
have you ever gotten in front of a girl at a show that was standing on the edge of the pit? even though you weren't going to dance?
Dear girls:
have you ever been right in front of hte pit wether or not you were going to dance and a boy that is 2 feet taller than you walks up and stands right in front of you even though they don't dance?

in this senario, not only do i personally think this is rude, but it's sexist wether it was intentionaly or unintentionally. why should a boy stand in front of a girl by the pit? to protect them? well, how about this, if a girl is putting herself there, then she can obviously SEE people dancing which is an obvious caution to her. it's her descision and no one else's right to tell/show her that it's wrong. is there seriously something horrible with standing behind a girl? you cna see over them. oh no, you're a foot further away from where you would have been if you standed in front of her, but other than those two facts, i don't see anything differant. so, if you see a girl by the pit, don't automatically assume that that girl won't go in. that form of thinking (wether you think it is or not) is indeed sexist.
i'm sure everyone who has been to at least a few shows has heard someone yell out "NO GIRLS IN THE PIT!"... i've heard it in about 1 out of every 10 shows i've been to. yeah, that's really smart to say. saying this sometimes causes a quarell, fist fight, someone getting hurt, someone getting mad, or the worst; nothing at all. so many things happen in the 'buisness world' relating towards sexism. these can go a long way with buisnesses loosing money on lawsuits and people getting fired from their jobs. in the hardcore community, we can't/won't sue someone for saying things like "no girls in the pit" or "girls don't know how to dance". we can tell our friends or we start something becuase of it. this is like us "telling our mom on our brother/s" we'll tell, they'll maybe get yelled at, then it goes back to the sexism again. i think that our "hardcore mother" is our maturity and those times where you have to "grow up" an dact like an adult. we are all a family. hardcore IS just one giant family. there have been so many bands that have been all about being there for one another and unity and friends. how come sexism is a problem then? i would like to see a boy go into a hardcore show where there are 500 kids and 430 of them were girls. where only girls danced in the pit. where you're 4 feet tall and all the girls are a foot or two taller than you and you finally make it to a place in the crowd where you can see, then a 5 foot girl walks right in front of you and stops. then when you finally decided you want to dance, someone yells out "NO BOYS IN THE PIT!" check that out! someone said you couldn't dance just becuase you were a minority. but hey, maybe they're just watching out for you so you do'nt get hurt. you are short and all.
this is unreasonable for boys, but NOT for girls. how are things like this even thought up? how can someone judge another person only by their sex? things like this are the continual downbreak of the hardcore community.
girls shouldn't have any extra pressures than boys. they shouldn't have to look/act differantly to get the respect they deserve already. they shouldn't have to work harder than boys to achieve the same things. most girls do. why?
by writting this i am not emplying that all hardcore communites are like this, that every boy has been sexist, or that girls should get "special treatment". i know that at every show that has had an intentional sexist act, there was only a handful of people who believed in it, but have you ever done something about those acts? tryed any ways to prevent them? like i said, doing nothing about the situation is the worst thing that you can do.

equalizing hardcore will only make it better.

22nd June 2002

kissthebottle11:49am: okay leave it too me missing buses and winding up with a friday movie night to stumble across this again. i think a point should be made. the abandonment of this community is a good thing because really what is a livejournal message board doing for our common aims, thats right it doesnt do shit. as far as whats happened to everyone. the idea still stands, it is necessary as always to put all of your heart into what you believe is right, however its not always necessary to have to have 15 people you know will agree with you in order to publicize and fight for your beliefs. communication and connection are imperative parts of change but a forum like this cant provide perfection in those two areas. just some thoughts.

21st June 2002

britpop12:34pm: so i agree with alicia... the conspiracy really IS a great thing that we shouldn't let down. a wonderful girl started and incorperated us in with it. so it's more our duty than hers to keep it going.

and the least bit all of you can do is post in a livejournal community.


20th June 2002

xhyp0crite3:39pm: I cant let things die
I know all yall have been waitin for someone to post, cuz i sure have..

iight i absoultly adore liss and i miss her soo much and i miss her cute smart brain shes positive as fuck and she always made me happy....

Ok my point is this: alot of you agree on what this was about, or you enjoyed making fun of it but what eve.. I wana know if this still stands, if yall are still with it..

its fucked up how harsh words can scare people away.. lets not do that here..

26th May 2002

xforeverxgonex9:43pm: Umm....
Where did everyone go? This isn't unity if you guys ask me. This is everyone forgetting about something that is supposed to mean so completely much to us. This needs to change. NOW! Liss you made this thing, I was the 1st official member, if your not going to do something, I don't know what, just anything, then hand this thing over to me. Or whatever is left of it that is. Half of the people in this thing aren't in it for real. And I KNOW who those people are. This 'group of like minded individuals' has become a bunch of people who are running around with their heads cut off. We were put here to make a change. Let's continue this change.

And Liss, for God's sake, come spend time with me. You don't even call me anymore... Not meant in offense, but are you attatched at the hip to a certain someone? I miss you. I think I'm jealous. :-(

michele distance
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12th May 2002

xhyp0crite1:31pm: question
does this exist anymore???

26th April 2002

xkatyx1:05am: i just wanted to say that i really appreciate your crew. positive attitudes have been lacking for quite sometime and to acknowledge the fact that its time for a change is definitely a major jump forward. i wish everyone thought like this. you kids have my heart.

25th April 2002

edgeofautumn1:13am: well, i am not sure what all of this conflict is about, but i read the info about this community and decided to join because i agreed with the viewpoints expressed....now hopefully no one will yell at me for joining.

19th April 2002

ishakebabies11:26pm: this will be my last post in this " LJ community", as i feel that posting here is rather pointless and a waste of my time. anyone who wants information on the meeting sunday, pass me or manda an email. come to think of it, just pass manda an email since i wont be home tomorrow to reply to any. to the real conspiracy - ill see you sunday.. xoxo
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18th April 2002

head_band7:01pm: hey kids. your crew seems cool. i hate bigits. i wanna shoot them. thanks for making this club. can i hang out to?

17th April 2002

oh_murderous2:52am: what time is the meeting on sunday


anyone wanna give me a ride there and back? :)


16th April 2002

xforeverxgonex1:26am: To My Friends - To My Enemys
To the ones who are still there through all this shit. I absolutly would die for you. I would jump in front of a bus. There is not need for me to name you all. You know who you are. And thankyou.

People are constantly involving their drama with hardcore. People are two-faced. People front. All you people. Heres a great big fuck you. And I hate you.

Not that it matters cause hardcore is a damned popularity contest. So since I'm the one that everyone hates, it won't matter. But it should. It should because no one knows what the real world is like. They will sit with their group and think they are invincible and I'd like to see them get seperated and try and make it on their own. I really would. They would be lost. And no I'm not talking about anyone or any group specifically. So if you take offense to this and want to "kick my ass" go ahead.

I don't care anymore. Kick me out of hardcore as people say. Hardcore is not in my heart, not in where I'm at. If you have a problem with that consult my heart. Kick my heart out of your scene then.

I came here to meet people, to live out the messages, to dance, and to have fucking fun. It has turned into a violent, assinine, preaching, guru, I'm fucking better than you popularity contest. If that's what the "scene" is about, then count me out.


I'm gonna try and get away for a while. I'm not gonna go to shows for a while. I'm not going to involve myself with these moronic meat heads anymore.


If you think hardcore is going to continue to thrive on your violence, then you have another thing coming. You will ruin hardcore.

I'm not a spokesperson. Nor am I a guru. I'm a person with some common sense.

I will not let this get to me anymore. Liss said it best, "It's your life, so change it." I despised those words at first. Then I took note to it. I may have to make sacrifices but, in the long run I will be the man (or woman) on top. AND the only reason these sacrifices are being made are because violent meat heads run the scene and feel violence and shit talking is nessisary when new kids come in.


I guess they were talking out their ass when they were trying to accomplish something.

the foresaken and unheard distance
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15th April 2002

islewthousands11:49am: OH please let me join your club!
It has been years since the last club I was in. It was about 8 years ago, we used to build tree houses and burn stuff in the woods. You guys do burn stuff don't you? I hope, because if there is one thing this club memeber likes, it is burning shit. Ok well I just want to establish that I am now an official Conspiracy Club member, trust me, it is for the better(for you guys). I have plenty of lighters and lighter fluid and the woods next to my house are great. We should all talk to our parents and see if there is a day that we can meet up and maybe start building the best goddamn treehouse any club has ever seen! We are like family(I think this is when I am supposed to say something HC and totally ridiculous), it is time to show people who we are and what we are made of! YEAH! So I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of the conspiracy club, my name is Seth, but people call me HC, because that is what i fucking am.
blinkingeights3:16am: after a small taste of what a group of friendly poeple all hanging out at a show is like, i really cant wait to meet everyone.


14th April 2002

xhyp0crite11:06pm: *alicia* just feels like sending hugs and kisses to you all..


12th April 2002

ishakebabies8:24pm: note to starr
please change the info on the "member info" page to just 'the conspiracy' rather than 'the conspiracy crew'. also, why is our community a member of xbgsx? that doesnt make very much sense since the groups have two completely opposite objectives. ha. that and members of the conspiracy arent in bgs. except maybe you. is there any way we could go about changing the community name? or would we need a new code? i am going to work on the webpage sometime next week when im not busy. let me know whats going on.. or if you need a new code or whatever. x to the izzo <3 liss
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